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Welcome to Find Your Nudge

About Robin Trewartha

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acting OUT and Acting IN

Action isn’t everything

Adult Education: is this relevant to safe experimenting?

Affect Regulation (AR)

Affirmation work


A map is not the territory

Anger can be OK

An Illusion and a safe experiment Being in two minds and confusing ourselves

An Illustrated My Way; can some of it fit Your Way?

Anxiety and small, safe experiments

Approaching Anxieties with safe experiments

Attachment-based Trauma

Attachment Styles

Autism and Social Anxiety

Being in two minds and confusing ourselves

BEYOND EXPERIMENTING: a political comment

Boundary making

Can I egg you on?

Can I use ‘safe experiments’ to help others?

Can Maslow’s Hierarchy still help with safe experiments?

Can therapy cast light on our emotions?

Can you do safe experiment with your SPIRIT?

Changes during grieving

Changing the Script

Choosing different therapies

Christina Mason

Client-centred Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Communicating with small, safe experiments

Compassion focused therapy Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Connect and Disconnect

Context: Compassion focused therapy in action


Controlled Breathing and Relaxation

Controlled Breathing? Is it that simple?

Crisis, anxiety or both?

Cycles of Power: safe experiments in growing through life.

Designing a safe experiment

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Dissociation and disconnection

Do you need some change?

Ecograms and other Maps

Endings: how to help them work.

Evidence-based therapy

Exploring what I might do differently

Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Fight, Flight, Freeze or Faint

Fogging and assertiveness

Four Dimensions

Four things that can be confusing about trauma

Getting it together

History: where do nudges or ‘small safe experiments’ sit?

How come we feel things

How do you use neuro-science in small, safe experiments?

How humans emerged in their present form

How to do safe experiments for yourself

I cannot change; it’s eating me up


Inter-generational Trauma

Is it really OK to have a conversation going on in my head?

Life not worthwhile?

Life Planning: changing the Script

Linguistic Ethnography

Living with pain and discomfort

Locus of Control (LOC)

Love Languages

Making a record of feelings, facts and thoughts

Making meaning (it’s what we do!)


Managing our own high emotions

Managing Sleep

Mapping our years to slow down

Maybe it’s just about change?

Models informing Therapy

Models of Change

More on Communication – because it’s rather important

More reading

Morita Therapy – a Challenge


Moving in together

My brain hurts

My letter to you on NUDGING YOURSELF


My Way: My Way, if there is one

Naiken Therapy

No pleasing some folk No pleasing some folk

Not really experiments, are they?

Nudging along the Scenic Route scenic route

Obstacles to safe experiments

One view of psychological healing … and what can get in the way of it

ONLY For Therapists

Other safe experiments with Time Structuring

Parallel Processes: making relationships in the world of therapy: clients and supervisors.

Physical Contact: what’s right for you, and you.

Playing Games

Polyvagal Theory – what are the practical implications?

Power, Threat and Meaning: Power, Threat and Meaning

Problem Solving Therapy (PST)

Queries and Advice:

Recording your moves:

RELAPSE: when a safe experiment goes awry

Relaxation techniques

Responsibility for Safe Experiments

Reviewing what you’ve achieved Reviewing what you achieve

Robin as an Agony Uncle

Routes to nudging


Safe Experimenting: a client’s personal view:

Safe Experiments for Trauma: are they wise?

Safe Experiments with our Spiritual being

Safe experimenting: other obstacles

Safe Experiments in Space and Time

Safe experiments when the talking has to stop and Expressive Arts can start

Science and Therapy

Seeking Professional Service? Seeking Professional Service?

Self-esteem: what undermines this?



Shame (2)

Small Defeats or Unskillful Actions

Small safe experiments and ‘contextual healing’ (or placebos)

Small and safe experiments: are feelings important?

Solution-focused therapy (SFT)

Some resources from the Internet

So what ACTIONS might be included in a small, safe experiment?

Space and Time changes after losses from illness, death and separation Space and Time changes after losses from illness, death and separation

Space, Time, Body and Spirit

Special Time: one very specific safe experiment

State Dependent Learned Behaviour (SDLB)

Taking action

Taking a step at a time

Taking your time

Talking ‘parts’

TAPPING: actions to add to safe experiments

Tapping? A fad or important?

The Defence Mechanisms

The Discount Matrix

The Eight Stages of Man

The Enneagram: what is it and do safe experiments come out of it?

The Evolving Ape.

The Experiment of Creating a Safe Place

The Finals Paper to complete MY-NUAL

The Three P’s

The Use of Therapy: letting the Ripple Effect work for you

The Johari Window

The Karpman Triangle

The Learning Curve: taking a scenic route to change

The Polyvagal Theory

The Stroke Economy

Thoughts on the questions raised by John Roedel’s Story-poem

The label – “Narcissism”

Therapy: an Artful Science?

The Sword of Damocles

The Window of Tolerance – stepping outside

Thinking ourselves out of trouble? Thinking ourselves out of trouble

Time Management:

Transactional Analysis (TA): Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis: A little bit more on Drivers and Scripts:

Using the Inverted Tree and Body Scanning

Want to tell a different story?

What about a crisis?

What are “negative cognitions”

What are the ‘Two Siblings’? What are the ‘Two Siblings’?

What I can offer to you

What is a nudge?

What is helpful change?

What is seen as helpful in therapy. Could it be helpful to you, now?

What is so important about the SMALL in Small Defeats and Small Victories?

When ‘doing’ isn’t enough.

When safe experiments falter

When to stop safe expts?

Why Lions? A Personal View in story form

Working together

Working with the Amygdala

Your lived experience is not enough


…. hmm …. or AN END?

….. maybe just ONE END

…. seems like PART of an END?


What does yours look like?