Some resources from the Internet

The internet offers a rich provision of material supporting self-help activities. I will add some pages I have harvested over the years. Where possible, I will explain why the material is included and comment on the ways in which the material might help with designing safe experiments.

I have mentioned Dr Dan Seigel in my main blog; his insightful material can be found at:

His material should link well to experiments on affect regulation and body scanning.

Dr Linda Abel, a US therapist provides some mindful visualisation material on:

This material will give you an opportunity to allow your mind and body to ‘just notice’ your experiences. The experiment of ‘just noticing’ is a fundamental preliminary if you are to find a way to the small changes you may want to make.

Two on-line training programmes I have used include:

A programme based in the UK:

…. and two programmes based in the USA:

NICAM: National  Institute for  the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine;

Also, The PESI organisation (shame it does not specify its full name on its Web Site!)

If you want some on-line meditation and mindfulness programmes, you can subscribe to:

In particular, I’d recommend any-one to find out more about Bessel van der Kolk and what he has to say on about the processes of change. A compassionate and thoughtful man who is so well informed. His book, The Body Keeps the Score has an important place in understanding the place of neuro-science the treatment of trauma.

I appreciate the way in which these web sources have helped keep me up to date and, indeed, given me some re-assurance about the relevance of ‘safe experiments’.


That said, none of my blog material is copied from these programmes. What I am saying to you is all my own work. I have no financial or professional interest in any of the Internet Resources mentioned on this page.

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