Robin’s thoughts on the questions raised by John Roedel’s Story-poem

John Roedel’s final line refers to the response of our lungs: she said: “what took you so long?’

There is no answer to that question on offer. This website raises several alternatives and you may have given me your answers in the Finals Paper

Here are some of my own observations;  they revolve around the scenic route that has figured time and again on my website. It seems to me that some important ‘answers’ to “what took you so long” include:

I have been on the scenic route,

I am on the scenic route,

I will go on the scenic route when I’ve finished my visit to you [the lungs]

What value would you place on these different choices, In view of what is inferred by my Inverted Tree illustration.

What other ‘reasons’ might there be? What about about:

I looked out of the Window [of Tolerance] for a long time,

I went outside and came back a few times before I reached you,

I had a gut feeling the time was not quite right (think about this or re-visit this one!!)

I hit obstacles on the scenic route and I got around them by ……

I had an accident on my bike/car/train and had to walk,

I had to stop and think a few times before I remembered your address.

How would you describe your own journey on the scenic route?



This page may offer a helpful reminder

If you have any last thoughts, do let Christina and I know them. Descriptions of small, safe experiments that worked for you would be most helpful.