Reviewing what you acheive

When you have completed some safe experiments, you may want to take a look at your acheivements. For this, it helps to stand back and consider the range of results you have obtained.

Here are my thoughts on what questions that might help. Use them if it helps or do yet another safe experiment and design your own questions!


Review Date:

What do you recall were your initial concerns when you first consulted my web site:


What initial changes did you want to see:


What other concerns emerged as you completed some safe experiments (it would be normal for your focus to have shifted and become more complicated):


What actual changes emerged over time:


What changes did not emerge. How much of a problem did these defeats cause you; indeed, were they ‘defeats’ and, if so, how large were they:


In hindsight, what helped you obtained the changes you wanted:


What hindered you in the pursuit of the changes you wanted from each and all safe experiment:


Consider this statement: “I believe my work on ‘safe experiments’ was worthwhile

On a scale of 1 to 7, how much do you believe the statement that your work was worthwhile.

1 —————2—————–3—————–4——————-5—————-6—————–7

  • When 1 is: I do not believe the statement at all;
  • 2 is: I believe the statement a little;

…….  up to

  • 6 is: I believe the statement quite a lot, and
  • 7 is: I believe the statement 100%.

Can you identify the things that happened that led you to this judgement: maybe, things that you did and said, or others said and did:


On reflection, is there one thing you would have liked to have done differently using safe experiments:


Is there one thing my web site could have done things differently to help you. Do tell me about that as development of my web site depends on your experiences.


As you consider your future – the ongoing trip towards your next new normal – is there something that you intend to do – or want to do, NOW – during that journey?


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