Safe Experimenting: a personal view

mirror neurons

I thought readers might like to read over this personal view sent to me. Here is one person’s comment on the practical ways in which safe experimenting was helpful.

“Thank you for introducing me to safe experimenting. 

I wanted you to know what worked for me; to explain how much my life has changed as a result.

Small safe experiments that helped me

Every small experiment – even just the practicalities of just breathing – helped me so much.

Everything we said, and I’ve read, felt so personal. Now I realise that the feelings I had were “normal”. Understanding that has been a massive help. I remember when I first ever saw the clip of the impala, and started to understand the vagus nerve. I found it helpful just knowing why and how the biology and physiology worked as it did. When I am anxious now, I remember some of that, and it helps me in a weird way! 

The page on the Three P’s was a massive help. I remember saying ‘sorry’ a lot and editing that way of behaving changed things for me so much. I realise how little I say it now, which is good (I think). This was just one of several ‘small defeats’ I started to understand differently over the weeks and months.

The website was helpful and relevant to me. I think a lot about how I was I encouraged to slow down (see the very bottom on this page).  Now I love being at home and in my garden.

That very last safe experiment you sent me is exactly what I’ve been doing of late. I’ve started meditating again; I used to do it regularly but got out of the habit of it. And it’s not exactly prayer, but I say ‘thank you’ and practise gratitude now.

Here’s a suggestion I’d like to make

Here’s a lead I’d offer to your readers: I’ve just finished a book called The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku. He was a holocaust survivor who died in October 2021, aged 101 years. Here is a link to his story; an account of how he kept his spirits up and remained able to show kindness: eddie_jaku_a_holocaust_survivor_s_blueprint_for_happiness 

Robin, thank you doesn’t seem enough, but I sincerely mean it. The website you have created, and our sessions, have changed my life.

I have gained an understanding of how some things, when I was young, impacted on my life as an adult and a parent.

I feel the website is my little guide book.”

Other leads to consider

Welcome to your Nudge

What is a small, safe experiment?

What actions might make up a small experiment

…. to take me along the scenic route

….. and face up to obstacles

…. and reach one of several endings

…. and different meanings

…… for the rest of my time on earth!