Four Dimensions

When I designed this web site, I wanted readers to put their own make on any small, safe experiments that are designed by them.

Even so, I have to think about how I went about my own large experiment!

I use the dimensions of SPACETIMEBODY and SPIRIT

These four categories shaped me into who I am today. We may agree that these general categories offer useful‘ divisions’. Would you devise different ones to work for you?

Each element of space, time, body and spirit I offer to you will play a part in determining who we are – defining what is a ‘problem’ to us

The categories can defining the way we face life’s obstacles on our scenic route to tomorrow. What milestones can we achieve (or not) as we develop and grow?  Each category offers a whole range of safe experiments. The categories are still there, if rather ‘lost’ in this large website.

All I would emphasise at this time is:  that It’s difficult to learn or adapt without identifying and respecting the results of your own actions; your own safe experiments

If you are interested in the key influences on my own thinking and actions, consider these pages:

What is seen as helpful in therapy. Could it be helpful to you, now?

My Way, if there is one

The scenic route

An Illustrated My Way; can some of it fit Your Way?

Models informing therapy

My personal view

My letter to readers

Over time, I have created links to other websites of interest as well as to other pages on this website. All this is intended to help with your research into how you might design your own small, safe experiment. I have been offered no inducement to provide these hyperlinks.

They worked for me when I completed my research for this site; that’s it.

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