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Robin Trewartha MEd, MSc, HCPC Reg.

January 2022 UPDATE

I have been semi-retired for some ten years now. During that time, this website has expanded a great deal. I trust it remains useful to readers and the detail is not confusing or discouraging. I rely on you telling me, if that is the case. The contact form below may assist with that!

As some of you will know, I have practised as a registered counselling psychologist for over twenty years. I have maintained my professional credentials with several organisations but the time is coming close when that must change. I am concerned that I may be less well-placed to offer longer term therapy.

Therefore, I have decided to let my professional memberships lapse as they come up for renewal after 2022. Furthermore, I will steadily shift from direct work with individuals, to offering on-line consultations.

A new page explaining how this might work can be found at:

What more I can offer to you

I can offer some organised short-term work if you request it. The website, and what it offers, will be continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

I will to continue to add more and more small, safe experiments as long as you, the reader, keeps me informed.

My professional background

In the meanwhile, please note I am registered under my ‘official’ name:

Arthur Robert Trewartha

….. with the Health Care Professionals Council web site as Registrant PYL23028.  I have training, qualifications and accreditation in counselling psychology through the HCPC despite giving up my British Psychological Society (BPS) memberships.

… I have had training in professional supervision,  psychological debriefing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brief and Strategic Therapy, Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR) and Clinical Hypnosis.

……. in recent years,  have given up my membership of the Institute for Transactional Analysis (ITA) and Meridian Therapy.

I retain an interest in Systemic therapy (‘couples’ counselling) as I have had additional training in this area. I am not presently accredited in any school, but I regard myself as well-informed and experienced.

In 2020, after many decades of membership, I retired as a Senior Accredited Practitioner with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

In short, I am now semi-retired and practising as an independent Registered Counselling Psychologist, as well as counselling supervisor/consultant.

During my career, I had a special interest in the management of aggression and violence as well as critical incident debriefing (running post-incident support programmes). I continue to offer therapy relating to trauma and anxiety management. I work from home in the East of England.

Work Experience

In short, I have:

  • fifteen years experience as a qualified social worker, in the probation service and  child  & family work,
  • over ten years experience as a teacher in Higher and Further Education, including recent experience in the Medical School of the University of East Anglia (UEA).
  • around twenty years working as a counsellor before retraining as a psychologist. I specialised in work with Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).
  • over twenty years practice as a registered counselling psychologist. I retired from office-based practice in London in 2012.

Other areas of professional interest include stress management,  bereavement, loss & change. I spent time working with St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, London, as well as time with CRUSE Bereavement Care in Scotland.

Robin as an author

My specialist area of staff training was in the management of Aggression and Violence in the Workplace (1995). There is a manual relating to this topic written by me, alongside Dave Leadbetter. Many moons ago, we offered in-house training to local authorities and residential care establishments and our book keeps selling.

I am a BUPA, Aviva and AXA/PPP recognised practitioner, but these registrations will be lapsing shortly.

I work alongside Christina Mason, my wife and partner. We work in different ways, giving our clients a lot of choice!!

Do contact me if you have any questions about my material, or the work I do.

You can leave your thoughts about the site below, or feel free to leave comments relevant to a particular post or articles on those pages too.

That said, please note that queries from recruiters, advertisers and mass circulation will not receive a reply.

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2 thoughts on “About Robin Trewartha

  1. I was initially drawn to Robin due to his extensive website content, which indicated to me that this is a calling not just a profession for him.

    I cannot recommend Robin highly enough! He immediately put me at ease and has such a lovely character. He has a vast wealth of knowledgable and experience to draw from and a wonderfully real and personable approach.

    Thank you Robin, it was an absolute pleasure.

  2. Hi Robin! Found your blog very interesting and useful. My first experiment was not rushing in to post a comment after the first time I looked at it, just because I felt I wanted to do the right thing and get it out of the way! Did have a sense of slight guilt for some time afterwards but also felt good about it because it was something new for me and it was ok to put it off for some time. I am going to send your link to some family and friends who I think would like to see it. Of course for me a lot of it was familiar after my various counselling courses; reading and CPD training for Cruse. I liked how the reading of the Blog could have different effects at different times, as you pointed out in the beginning. So will continue to dip into it every so often. Busy as ever, like yourselves, but I think we agreed that was a good thing!
    Love Maria

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