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Robin Trewartha C Psychol, HCPC Reg, Senior Accredited Practitioner, BACP.

cropped-rt-on-braemar.jpgI am presently semi-retired and practising as a freelance Chartered and Registered Counselling Psychologist as well as counselling supervisor.

Much of my time is occupied in the commercial sector given my special interest in critical incident debriefing, trauma and anxiety management.

I have:

  • fifteen years experience as a qualified social worker, in the probation service and  child  & family work,
  • over ten years experience as a teacher in Higher and Further Education,
  • around twenty years working as a counsellor before retraining.
  • nearly twenty years practice as a counselling psychologist.

I have training and/or qualifications in counselling psychology, professional supervision, family systems, psychological debriefing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye movement De-sensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR) and Clinical Hypnosis.

Other areas of professional interest include stress management,  bereavement, loss &  change.

My specialist area of staff training was in the management of Aggression and  Violence in the Workplace. There is a manual relating to this topic written by me, alongside Dave Leadbetter, around the millenium, when we offered in-house training to local authorities and residential care establishments.

I am a Graduate, Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS: No: 90091).  I am an Associate Fellow of the BPS and I am a Chartered member of BPS Division of Counselling Psychology. Although trained in EMDR therapist, I have recently opted out of the professional association. I am a Senior Accredited Practitioner within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I am an Independent Practitioner with the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors (UKRC) and a trained brief and strategic therapist and clinical hypno-therapist.

I was recently appointed a Trustee of a Domestic Abuse support, education and counselling service.

I am a BUPA and AXA/PPP recognised practitioner.

Do contact me if you have any questions about my blog material or the work I do.

You can leave your thoughts about the site below, or free to leave comments relevant to a particular post or articles on those pages too.

For specific questions or for further information my email is robintrewartha@btinternet.com.


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One thought on “About the Author

  1. Hi Robin! Found your blog very interesting and useful. My first experiment was not rushing in to post a comment after the first time I looked at it, just because I felt I wanted to do the right thing and get it out of the way! Did have a sense of slight guilt for some time afterwards but also felt good about it because it was something new for me and it was ok to put it off for some time. I am going to send your link to some family and friends who I think would like to see it. Of course for me a lot of it was familiar after my various counselling courses; reading and CPD training for Cruse. I liked how the reading of the Blog could have different effects at different times, as you pointed out in the beginning. So will continue to dip into it every so often. Busy as ever, like yourselves, but I think we agreed that was a good thing!
    Love Maria

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