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This web site has been developed to help me organise all the information I have gathered during my career. I wanted to see for myself all the actions and ideas I have learned over the years – all in one place. I feel that they have been so close to me, for so long, that I needed to see what the wood would look like… and not be so lost in the trees!

Therefore, building this web site is my late-in-life, safe experiment.

I believe it is an experiment that may be of use to others. I think, in particular, of clients – both past and present. I see that anyone with a natural curiosity might find it helpful to practise the safe experiments introduced on this web site.

To use this web site, and the rest of my blog, try this:

Look to the right of this page and notice the ARTICLES heading. Head for the page headed ‘How to give yourself a nudge’. This is my main blog – a large production you can search or peruse at your leisure. It tries to be practical about how to nudge yourself into making changes in your life – but only if you want to do that!


At any stage, you can look at the other posts; these are mostly shorter and more detailed commentaries on items contained in the blog itself. Those are located on the right of most pages on this web site.

You should be able to move back-and-forth between the different pages and posts, so let me know if you hit a snag navigating my web site. You can do this by adding a comment or sending an email to:


Email are best if there are specific questions so my feedback can be incorporated into a ‘post’ or another page of commentary (see items on the right of this page).

If you want a more professional reply, and you want to work through a specific safe experiment, then let me know through the ‘shop’. Costs for any on-going work will be directed to cover my costs, not to make profit.

All the material on How To Give Yourself A Nudge has been generated working with a large number of people over decades. None of it would have been tested without the support of all those clients, colleagues, teachers, family and friends. The practical nudges, or experiments, included here have worked for somebody, at some time.

You will chose your own way to use this material. Make it your own and find out what works for you – in the knowledge that no-one can tell you what will work until you have a go. You will need to cast around to find material most suited to you and your present circumstances.

You need not read this web site page by page. Use the search function to seek out topics of relevance to you; dip back and forth and see what emerges. Please note that the SEARCH box on the blog may be less helpful than the SEARCH facility on your own browser. This option should become more important as my blog becomes more extensive. I will help further by making hyper-links to topics, e.g. depression, trauma, sleep.

I do not want you to follow the nudges included here simply because I recommend them. This will not necessarily help. Your small changes will help you shape changes in your life. I expect them to boost your confidence as you recognise a nudge for what it is. When you take your own steps it can lead to an improved ability to build on success or adapt to getting it wrong.

I will use personal example from time to time to see if that adds some richness to the learning of others. I do not want this to be self-indulgent; I believe my proposals may appear more genuine if I tell you how the material applies to me.

I may use technical words. I will try to minimise this problem by answering technical questions from readers via separate posts. You should see those separate posts listed on the right of the first web page. Where the technical details flummox you, just ignore the words. Focus on the ‘do-able thing’ that should emerge from the other words I use. Only DO things, rather than think too much about them. Please keep looking for your ‘do-able thing’.

For instance, it is possible that some material will come over as patronising. I’d prefer not to do that but I need you to point it out when that happens. The great thing about blogs is that I can make changes very quickly! It could be like a conversation. My task is to find out what works for me, as much as what works for you.

The material you are about to generate can provide a tool for your own personal development.  However, some of it may have an emotional impact on you. Therefore, you may want to work on your personal development with a consultant. If you need some leads to follow up, then let me know. Although this may sound like self-advertising, I do emphasise that there are many people who can act as a consultant. The important things is to find some-one reliable and discreet outside your immediate circle of friends or family.

It will be helpful to me if you could post comments on the posts and articles, or on my About the Author page.

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