Welcome to Find Your Nudge

What does the picture below mean to you?

If it is puzzling, take a moment to focus on it.

Just notice the thoughts coming into your head – whatever comes. 

Maybe write down any reactions or questions – the first 100 words that arrive.

You may find it interesting if you return to these first thoughts in the future.


Inverted Tree 4

You can choose the direction for your new roots to follow.

This web site has been developed to help me organise the information I have gathered during my career. I wanted to see for myself some of the ideas I have gathered over the years – all in one place. I feel that they have been so close to me, for so long, that I needed to see what the wood would look like… and not be so lost in the trees!

Therefore, building this web site is my late-in-life, safe experiment – with thanks to my son, Alan for technical help and my daughter, Jane for inspiration.

I believe my experiment may be of use to others. I think, in particular, of clients – both past, present and to come. Anyone with a natural curiosity may find it helpful to practise the safe experiments identified on this web site.

Overtime, you will create and develop your own MY-NUAL.


To use this web site, and the rest of my blog, try this:

Look to the right of this page and notice the various headings. Head for the page headed ‘How to give yourself a nudge’. This is my main collection of ‘safe experiments’ – a large production you can search at your leisure. Use key words to help with your search.

It is a practical introduction to nudging yourself into making changes in your life – when you want to do that!


You should be able to move back-and-forth between the different pages and posts, so let me know if you hit a snag navigating my web site. You can do this by adding a comment – usually found at the bottom of each page – or by sending an email to:


Email are best if there are specific questions so my feedback can be incorporated into a ‘post’ or another page of commentary. You will notice how, over several years now, several additional pages have appeared based on questions I have been asked, or comments made by visitors.


You need not read this web site page by page. Use the search function to seek out topics of relevance to you; dip back and forth and see what emerges. Please note that the SEARCH box on the blog may be less helpful than the SEARCH facility on your own browser. This option should become more important as my blog becomes more extensive. I will help further by making hyper-links to topics from time to time, e.g. depression, trauma.

You may need to left-click or right click (to obtain a new window), when using hyper-links. By the nature of the Internet, hyper-links can come and go. Do let me know when one particular link appears to be redundant. I’ll look out an alternative.

I do not want you to follow the nudges included here simply because I recommend them. There a lot of nudges I recommend; these are based on things I have seen others try. Some will be relevant to you; others will not. The timing for one nudge may not be right,  and other times, the same nudge will hit the nail on the head.

I want these safe experiments to improve your confidence as you recognise a nudge for what it is. When you design your own steps it can lead to an improved ability to build on successes or adapt to unexpected/unwanted results.

I will use personal example from time to time to see if that adds some richness to the learning of others. I do not want this to appear self-indulgent; I believe my proposals may appear more genuine if I tell you how the material applies to me.

The material you are about to generate can provide a tool for your own personal development.  However, some of it may have an emotional impact on you. Therefore, you may want to work on your personal development with a consultant. If you need some leads to follow up, then let me know.  This may sound like advertising so let me emphasise that there are many people who can act as a consultant. The important things is to find some-one reliable and discreet outside your immediate circle of friends or family. For some experiment al outcomes, you may conclude that the support of a well-qualified practitioner is necessary.

A note on Advertising: you should find no advertisements on this web site. All hyperlinks are offered to you without any inducement. They worked for me when I completed my research for this site.

It will be helpful if you could post comments on the various articles and posts to be found on the right of this Welcome page. Alternatively, start on the main pages of my Blog:

How to Give Yourself a Nudge

  •  where you will find the practical suggestions I have collected from many people over the years.

You can find out more about me on: About the Author page.

You can find out more about my own view of therapy here. I’m not sure it’s the best place to start, but that’s for you to decide. Do let me know your thoughts, as and when.