Can you do safe experiment with your SPIRIT?


Elsewhere I say that the small, safe experiments on this website are built around the notions of SPACE, TIME, BODY and SPIRIT.

Safe experiments with ‘spirit’ seem to be the trickiest in my view. I have suggested that the work of David Brazier may be helpful to readers. However, to demonstrate how it is done, I have included this specific experimental design that has worked for some-one I know.

I see it as an example of being present and attending.

A SAFE EXPERIMENT valuing the power of prayer.

My contact tells me that:

“I meditate every night with an open mind and an initial intention to release my trapped emotions. I am helped do this with a Body Scan. Each Body Scan helps me feel lighter. My preference is to focus on my feelings, and not particular situations from the childhood. I let the feelings flow through me and out sometimes causing me to cry. If that helps my respond vigourously, I sit there with the emotion and allow it to lead out of my body when it is ready to do so.

I prepare for this meditation, and complete it, with a personal ritual that I created for myself. Before I sit down to meditate, I light a candle and burn the same scent every time. This lets my body know that we will begin our work together.

After the session, I would open the window to let the smell of the scent along with my emotions flow away and would have a shower. In the shower I imagine the water washing away the ‘leftovers’ from the feelings I just processed.

Then I would settle for bed and say a prayer:

Dear Lord, I am beginning to forgive [any one I need to forgive for past and present hurts]. Here are some of the emotions I worked with this evening, Lord. I choose not to hold onto [negative feelings such as resentment]. I thank you for setting me free from the bondage of my bitterness and hurt. I let go of my right to seek justice now and ask you to heal my damaged emotions.

I now ask you to bless [important people in my life].


After the prayer I would put on a playlist.

I call it “healing” and include various tracks I know that have healing properties. These include solfeggio healing frequencies, kundalini chakra cleansing and music for sleep and anxiety.

Most often, I fall asleep with no problem. If I do wake up at night, I can go back to sleep again when I put the music back on.”


Using such safe experiments on a regular basis means I feel less tired during the day. My body doesn’t hurt as much and I am feeling more motivated and much “brighter”; I feel like a weight is being lifted slowly. I sense that I am more creative; more able to use visualisation to ‘see’ what I want and how to get it. I can create vivid and detailed pictures in my mind; pictures that bring feelings of happiness, calmness and safety

I find that key relationships are getting better too. I am more open to touch and closeness. I can give and get these ‘strokes’ and feel more OK about them.

Through practice, with the right people, I feel more comfortable than I used to. The “results” I get are now firmly settled within me. I enjoy the small victories and look at any small defeats in a different way.



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