Dr Christina Mason PhD, MSc, BSc (Econ)

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I gained my post-graduate professional qualification at the Metanoia Institute in West London.

I hold the Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy (Distinction).

I have been working in counselling and psychotherapy for around 35 years.

I gained my doctorate in a medical school and built up work experience in various health-related contexts such as hospitals, general practice and hospices.  This included experience in management and directorial roles in a large London hospice where I worked for 12 years. During that time, I set up a children’s bereavement service and strengthened the counselling services available to both patients and their families.

Through this life-time study, I have gained a particular understanding and empathy with people who are suffering illness conditions as well as those who have the responsibility for caring.

Over the years I have gained an understanding of the long-term impact on an adult of neglect and abuse in childhood. I am concerned about ongoing domestic abuse and I am a professional supervisor for a voluntary organisation supporting abuse victims.

I have a good understanding of the stresses and strains of study. This has been acquired through working with a lot of students and professional trainees over the years. I have observed the many pressures that they encounter, and not just with the demands of study and assessment. I offer research advice and support services to both individuals and organisations.

Some 25 years ago, I gained an additional qualification as a counselling supervisor and I am active in providing clinical supervision for both individuals and several groups.

I like to think my training and experience is broad-based.  My Integrative training helps work with a number of models of counselling. This has taught me to speak with potential clients in a free, initial consultation and to discuss carefully what they require. I like to explore how they might want to work and what is a most appropriate response to their particular issues.

I work with Robin. Although we both work in the therapy world, I think it fair to say we work in different ways as, indeed, do most therapists.

What’s going to work for you?!

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