Routes to Nudging: some reading

The obvious text to mention here is: Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein Publisher: Yale University Press ISBN: 9780300122237: Number of pages: 304 The notion of how to 'nudge' was brought to the fore by this 2008 book. The primary concern I have with their … Continue reading Routes to Nudging: some reading

Power, Threat and Meaning

A group of clinical psychologists have recently (2017/18) started a debate about the increasingly frail system of mental health assessment - processes used to label emotional and psychological 'problems'. This  rather lengthy commentary can be found via: I mention this work as they question the tendency to label behaviour and to see our responses … Continue reading Power, Threat and Meaning

The Defence Mechanisms

I have been prompted to think about the psychological 'defence mechanisms'.  In general, these come out of Freudian tradition of psychological therapies. A detailed account of some of these mechanisms can be found in several places but have a look on: Indeed, I have a book Defense Mechanisms in the Counseling Process by Arthur … Continue reading The Defence Mechanisms

Models informing therapy

There are literally hundreds of approaches to therapy. This can be viewed critically as does Vybíral, Z. (2014) in Thomas's Psychotherapy Encyclopaedia of Critical Psychology, Chapter 253. Identifying approximately 250 different therapies recognized by the scientific community (and that may will be conservative estimate nearly ten years later), Vybíral concluded that therapy was especially effective … Continue reading Models informing therapy