Linguistic Ethnography

I was introduced to this research method by Jamie Murdoch, Research Fellow, at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The term sounds rather intimidating so let me say more about it as it will help some readers interested in research and ‘safe experimenting’ What is Linguistic Ethnography? The term ‘linguistic ethnography’ is an umbrella termContinue reading “Linguistic Ethnography”

Power, Threat and Meaning

In 2017/18, a group of clinical psychologists started a debate about the increasingly frail system of mental health assessment – processes used to label emotional and psychological ‘problems’. The rather lengthy commentary, entitled Power, Threat and Meaning, can be found via: I mention their work as they question the tendency to label behaviour andContinue reading “Power, Threat and Meaning”

The Evolving Ape.

Recently I was asked: why provide this information for free? Doesn’t your living depend on it? As an evolving ape, I am beginning to realise that there is an alternative to short-term profiteering from other people’s hardship and distress. To explain what I am getting at here prompts me to comment on my motivation forContinue reading “The Evolving Ape.”

Do you need some change?

I have been asked how the ‘safe experiment’ model fits into our understanding of how we change. This is a good point as some of the theory around change explains why we have to persist with some experiments and learn from results that leave us discomforted – those small defeats, I mention. Effective change appearsContinue reading “Do you need some change?”

Relaxation techniques

There are many approaches to relaxation. Several are included through this web site. There is some NHS-based guidance on this topic at: …… and avid readers of this web site will find some very familiar practices described at: Interestingly, I came to this web site late on. It builds my confidence to seeContinue reading “Relaxation techniques”

Evidence-based therapy

As my web site has been around for some time, the number of pages has increased.  As I  have gathered feedback from readers and experimenters, I notice a regular question that arises is:  is there evidence for the effectiveness of  ‘safe experiments’? I’m going to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, aren’t I!? The ‘yes’ is thatContinue reading “Evidence-based therapy”