Do you need some change?

I have been asked how the ‘safe experiment’ model fits into our understanding of how we change.

This is a good point as some of the theory around change explains why we have to persist with some experiments and learn from results that leave us discomforted – those small defeats, I mention.

Effective change appears to require some initial inspiration, growing Motivation and an effective strategy that transforms into the ‘do-able thing’.

The results of achieving one do-able thing after another makes for change. If it’s theĀ  preferred change – then you will do more of it.

If it is an unexpected or undesirable change, then you will find something a little bit different to experiment with instead.

For a practical example of a change process, specifically relating to the research of James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente, take a look at:

This material is based on important research contained in their text:

Trans-theoretical Stages of Change model (1983), with more information here.

Those pages, alone, along with material from people I have met, provide considerable practical suggestions for any number of safe experiments. TRY IT!!


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Do you need some change?

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I am a semi-retired, Registered Counselling Psychologist working from Norfolk in the UK. My website is based on experience working as a therapist, supplemented by working in the Probation Service over ten years, in child protection for four years and Higher Education teaching for seven years. I continue to run my own private practice. The creativity of many clients - in developing safe experiments - has provided the backbone of what you will read.

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