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There are many approaches to relaxation. Several are included through this website.

Guidance from the Health Services (UK) and (US)

There is some NHS-based guidance on this topic at:

…… and avid readers of this web site will find some very familiar practices described at:

….. and a final one just so you can see common practices being offered here and there.

Fitting it in to your own safe experiments

Would you find it of interest to explore the ways in which you can use these common ways of thinking to design the way that works for you.

There is a growing interest in ‘walking’ therapies that might be of interest, see more at:


Beware of doing any exercise just because it is ‘there’, or some-one thinks its good for you.

Finding your own way is likely to be better matched to your life style, your foibles and abilities. Further advice I’d offer is for you to design any safe experiment in small chunks. Biting off more than I can chew tends to put my back out!

The reason why I came back to this page today, is that I have been asked about Guided Visualisation. There is material on this topic at:

and I’d mention the important health warning on this, and other web sites:


Apologies in advance if this sounds patronising and I still need to say: please use relaxation audio and videos wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials when you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving).

Although it is obvious that this can be dangerous, cars are equipped with CD players and radios and none of us is exempt from drifting off under certain conditions.

Several people I know have found HeadSpace a useful internet resource. Take a look at:

There are a number of CD’s and DVD’s available to enrich your experience of relaxation. If you want to find more internet links do check out this web page.

Do tell me what works for you, and if there is something for readers to pursue further. Here is a contact form to help give some feedback

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