Nudged by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Battle of Wits

One preoccupation in the current century is the likely impact on us of artificial intelligence. It’s a good to keep this in mind as artificial intelligence already has an impact on us. Computers, and its software, are one of many sources of nudges in our lives.

Some nudges have more impact than others. Some intend to help and do so, such as on-line banking; others intend to help and do not, like on-line banking if you are a bank employee. Others intend to mislead in order to profit from your existence such as any on-line supplier. Others, such as scammers, are simply mean. Meanness has been around for ages but it seems to have become more vicious now it can be anonymous. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could join the list of mean and cowardly sources if we let it.

Even so, AI does not have to have a malign impact as long as we remain vigilant about our own interests, and how to look after them. What does your smartphone, computer and similar technology mean to you?

What about Nudge Five?

Do we notice artificial intelligence nudging away? Can we meet it with small, safe experiments as listed on my ‘Welcome’ page? What are the different kind of ‘nudges’ that exist in our lives, now?

You will notice that I favour ‘nudge five’ on my list! It says:

NUDGE FIVE: consider if there is just one small thing you might do this afternoon or tomorrow that helps you manage that obstacle just a little bit differently. Here is a potential nudge that only you can generate.

Why is nudge five so helpful? Few nudges, where-ever they come from, will damage me as long as I keep my eye on the ball, and keep option five at the front of my mind.

Is it possible for you and I to choose our own nudge, as well as useful ones from other people. Anyone else, including me, may not have your best interests in mind so choose carefully. Part of being careful, is living with the consequences of your choice, including managing the small defeats that arise from any unsound decision we take.

A seemingly OK discrimination is emerging

There are no specific safe experiments to offer on this page – it’s more of a rant about recent news items. As an older person I am subject to discrimination – a seemingly OK form of discrimination. When all the other discriminations are loudly condemned, I am expected to adapt to the machine, not the machine to me! Am I not entitled to have a service without having a machine as the intermediary!

How many times have you been told something cannot happen because the computer says so or won’t allow it! How do people get by if they have no smartphone?

However, faced with this, I like to believe that I am still designing small safe experiments rather than sleep-walking into an oppression as illustrated here:

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