The Defence Mechanisms

I have been prompted to think about the psychological 'defence mechanisms'.  In general, these come out of Freudian tradition of psychological therapies. A detailed account of some of these mechanisms can be found in several places but have a look on: Indeed, I have a book Defense Mechanisms in the Counseling Process by Arthur … Continue reading The Defence Mechanisms

Models informing therapy

There are literally hundreds of approaches to therapy.  At a time when 'evidence' is touted as a key requirement, there is even an approach called Evidence Based Treatment (EBT) yet the evidence is that EBT does not necessarily improve treatment effectiveness or outcomes! So says Nathan Beel,  an Australian researcher. He invites us, along with … Continue reading Models informing therapy

What are “negative cognitions”

Several folk have noticed this phrase appearing a lot in my blog. I have been asked what it means in English. This is a good question as it is a central idea within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Re-processing (EMDR) - indeed, a lot of other therapies. Negative cognitions are phrases … Continue reading What are “negative cognitions”