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There are several ways to contact me. Doing so helps me get better and I’d like to think it will help you get focused on safe experiments:
My email is:
My Skype name is: robintre1305.
There is a contact form available.

I have had many months to get some measure of the impact of ‘safe experiments’ on people I have met – in person and on-line.  Some now seek a more on-going professional reply to work through a specific safe experiment. You can ask for an appointment by email provided you can offer 2/3 suggestions for a time to meet (using GMT, please). Please give me at least three days notice of your proposed dates.

Fees for ongoing work can be negotiated, but I start at:

EMAIL: all initial emails are free of charge and, £5 per follow-up (including any attachments required).

As I am a one-man band, you will be lucky to find me immediately available. The Skype facility has been added to enable us to have some real conversation.

My aim in offering this facility is to support you with the design and implementation of ‘safe experiments’ –  not to take over your process.

SKYPE: £30-50 per full hour, to be negotiated.

FACE-TO-FACE: £30-£60 provided you are in reach of my own consulting rooms in Central Norfolk, UK. An initial consultation is available free of charge. This is not the start of therapy, but an opportunity to ask questions about therapy.

As ever,  your email feedback remains very welcome. It will be well received by me and acted on, where possible. Several amendments to my blog have come from the comments and questions you have raised since I started this on-line project in 2016.

Thank you to all who have read and responded to my material.

If you are interested in my specific work on the Management of Aggression and Violence in the Work-place (1995), you can check wtih Russell House, the publisher:
or go to:

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